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Spring Honey

Vietnamese Pure Natural Honey

About us

Spring Honeybee Co., Ltd was established by a group of a long-time experienced beekeepers in Vietnam . The location of its plant is in the heart of variety beefarms and plenty sources of honey which helps the company to collect many types of pure natural honey.

Spring Honeybee Co., Ltd understands that quality is our top priority, it is a mandaroty factor in our daily operation. With a long time engangement in the apiary industry, the company commits to supply Vietnamese pure natural polyflora honey to its customers and endusers by applying the strict quality control from beefarms to delight its customers.

We achieved HACCP, food safety… , we also continue to improve our operation in order to obtain more and more certificates to meet our customers’ requirements not only on the quality itself but also in terms of social responsibility and other factors. We also support our community where we operate and raise bee-colonies. Sustainable growth is one of our core values.

To ensure the quality of our Vietnamese pure natural honey, all samples will be tested by Intertek, QSI…in Germany and at Hoan Vu lab, Quatest … in Vietnam.

Spring Honeybee Co., Ltd conducts its business in a manner of Integrated and ethical philosophy, helping cummunity, caring and growing profitably together.

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